Wonyoung Kim Prints Humaniods

Doctoral Student Wonyoung Kim is printing humanoid robots.

Collaborative R & D

DMI is working with US ARMY ARDEC (Picatinny Arsenal) on several collaborative research projects.

  • Micro-Devices laboratory: A MEMS research, design and prototyping facility for High-G, harsh environment applications.
  • Wireless control of remote weapons stations: Embedded solutions for long range wireless control and operation of weapons systems. Stevens developed hardware and software required for seamlessly extending input/output, serial and CAN (Control Area Networks) on wireless networks.
  • Modeling, simulation and optimization of production systems: DMI is developing plug and play modules for modernizing factories producing discrete components applicable to armaments and ammunition.
  • Manufacturing Science and Technologies: Using simulation-based design and optimization, DMI is developing tools and methods that assess and optimize components and sub-assemblies for low cost, high production rates and integrating new materials.

Research Areas

DMI's multi-disciplinary research thrusts and current projects:

  • Knowledge-based Design Process Automation
    * ACES: Automatic Concurrent Engineering Software
    * CONFIG: 3D Nesting and Layout Optimization
    * Product Costing Technologies for 3D CAD software
  • Engineered Materials and Composites
    * Process-Structure-Property Modeling and Characterization
    * Long term durability, thermo-oxidation and corrosion prediction
  • Multi-Disciplinary Optimization of Design and Processes
    * EDOT: Non-linear Local Optimization and Global (GA, SA) Optimization
    * Parallel Multi-Disciplinary Optimization Techniques
  • Remote Robotic Systems and Control
    * Distributed Control over Wireless Networks
    * Wireless Messaging Systems for CAN, Serial and remote operations
    * Remote robotics operation control stations
    * SMART: Sensor Manager for Adaptive Real Time Transmission
  • Micro-Scale Device Design and Manufacturing
    * MEMS Processing: Class 100 Cleanroom under construction
    * MEMS Scale design
    * Active Constraint Layer MEMS-Scale Structures
    * MEMS Durability and Reliability
  • Modeling and Simulation
    * Parallel Solutions for Transient Problems
    * Coupled Thermo-Chemo-Mechanical Solutions: Residual stresses and deformations, damage evolutions due to thermo-oxidation ...